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Buy the piano?

The piano is perhaps one of the most comprehensive instruments in the world. In any music style, this wonderful touchline tool can come back. From classic pieces in its own simplicity, up to the powerful tire work. How it can that this instrument is so incredibly well known is not a riddle for most people. The sweet tones that come to you, through the enclosures of this worldly instrument. Falling to almost everyone is well in the taste. But, what do you want to watch for now, if you want to buy a piano yourself?
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Pianos and wings

Well, between pianos, there's a lot of difference. This is how you have the standard house-chamber piano (upright piano). But besides, Wings(grand piano). Both have their own characteristic features. Thus, the house-room piano often has a bit more bass in its tone. Where the Grand variant delivers a bit more bright and open sound. In the professional world, each one gets its own place in music. Different from the private market. We can see that there is more of a financial and spatial consideration.


So, how does a piano actually work?

The technique around a piano is a very complicated system. That's why you can't vote for him like a guitar himself. The strings are tense in large bows. Through the voting pins, they are put on the right tone. The keys of the keyboard are connected to small hamlets. In turn, they turn on the strings. This will give you the familiar sound as we all know it.


Why does the one piano sound different from the other?

The sound of a piano is dependent on a lot of factors. An important one is, of course, the construction of the piano. In what way is it made and what kind of mechanics is in it. In the end, this also determines how the instrument plays. Is it a heavy hit or just a little lighter again? In addition, the material is also influenced by the sound. The better variants are made of hardwood. This is the best material to use. Hardwood, however, is also a very precious material. Therefore, hardwood is often replaced by other wood species. Thus it remains an accessible tool for all.


How do I pick out a piano?

Pianos have you in different categories. Built in price and quality. So, first of all, imagine yourself a budget. Keep in mind that sometimes you are running against something that is just outside your budget. Or if you're lucky you're in a lot of strength. How is that possible? Because you buy a piano by listening properly. You just buy a piano just by listening properly to how it sounds. '' 'The best '', almost does not exist in the world of musical instruments. It does, however, exist: "the best way to my personal preference." There's no reason to argue about taste. Everyone is different and has a different preference in terms of sound. So listen carefully to different pianos. Give five concert pianists a beautiful wing of the same type. They ' re all going to have a different opinion about it. Of course they feel that it is or is not a good copy. They will also notice how the keyboard feels and plays. But one will find it fantastic, where the other feels less good at home.


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The starting pianist

For a start-up pianist, it ' s especially important that you buy a piano where you feel at home. So that you can also be motivated by the fine sound and stay. That's how you can spend hours behind your instrument. You don't have to be the most expensive to buy. Go develop on a piano that sounds just beautiful to your idea. The rest of your wishes are going to develop along the way. If you were sitting your piano, you know that you're ready for the next step.


Common terms

  • Pedal pedal: The pedal pedal ensures that the piano continues to sound longer. This money for all notes that are played so long as the pedal is pressed.
  • Sostenuto Pedal: This pedal is almost the same as the above. Works only for the keys that are pressed. The moment the pedal is pressed.
  • Damper Pedal: Speaks almost for himself. The pedal the piano.
  • Keystroke: The way from pressing the key to the hammer which touches the strings.
  • Wing: A piano that has the strings stretched horizontally over the sound box. Owes its name to the shape of the instrument.
  • Baby Wing: The smaller variant of the above instrument. Something more user-friendly for the average living or living room.
  • Living room piano: The strings are stretched vertically in the cabinet with this instrument. For most people also the first thing they think about when it comes to a piano. Is used a lot at home and owes its name to it.
  • Hammers: The hammers are the last part of the playing mechanism of the piano. These are attached to the keys and in turn strike the tense and toned strings. So this is where the final sound comes from.