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You can find your perfect western guitar at Music All In

Whether you want to start or are a seasoned guitarist and maybe looking for a new guitar for your collection. Below you will find our offer, with the right western guitar for every guitarist, always at a competitive price and with professional service. Read more...

western guitar department

Find your ideal western guitar at Music All In

The western guitar has been one of the most popular musical instruments at Music All In for years. And that's not surprising. The western guitar, also called acoustic guitar and steel string guitar, is a super versatile instrument. You're playing it all! From acoustic blues, to pop. At home, on stage or in the evening on the beach with your friends. The western guitar lends itself to it. Acoustic guitars are made in many variations. Prices range from very affordable to several thousand euros. You can choose based on various factors and below we explain them to you. Read more...

Western guitar department

Western guitar

Art & Lutherie A&L Roadhouse Faded Black €400,00
Recording King Recording King RPS-7-lefty-TS Tweedehands €127,00 €175,00
Anchor Guitars Anchor Berlin TABAC AE Semi-Akoestische gitaar €152,00 €219,00
Anchor Guitars Anchor New York RED CW AE Semi-Akoestische gitaar €179,00 €219,00
Martin Martin D-18 Akoestische Western gitaar €2.974,00 €3.499,00
Seagull Seagull S6 1982 €739,00

Buy Western guitar?

Are you looking for a nice western guitar? At Music All In You will find the best guitar for you. You know what you're looking for and you've figured it out? Feel free to order online. You can find all models at competitive prices and we deliver super fast. We send guitars to satisfied customers throughout Europe every day. Do you need some more advice first? Or do you want to try some guitars first? Then come to our music store in Noordwijk. We are happy to help you make the best choice. With old-fashioned service and decades of knowledge and experience, a wide assortment and competitive prices you will always find the right western guitar at Music All In


Western guitar, country-western, steelstring, what's the difference?

The western guitar is like the classical guitar an acoustic guitar. What distinguishes the western most from theclassical guitarare the strings. These are steel. That is why it is also called the steel-string guitar. But the western guitar has many names. For example the country-western, The folk guitar, country guitar, flat top guitar. But in principle this means the same guitar. An acoustic guitar with steel strings.


The Best western guitar for you?

We have a wide range of western guitars in stock in our shop and all directly available in our online shop. Whether you're a starter or a seasoned guitarist looking for that special model or that western with the very best specifications. We always have one for you! We provide you with extensive information both online and in our store. By giving you good advice, you always buy the right western. Can't find a particular model on the website? Take then contact us and we can almost always arrange it for you from all brands we carry.


Good acoustic guitar brands

Music All In has the best brands for western guitars in stock. We have several top brands in each category.


  1. Martin Guitars – For more than 100 years the western guitar
  2. LAG - affordable craftsmanship from France
  3. Ibanez – Always perfect price / quality ratio
  4. Norman Guitars – Handmade in Canada
  5. Cort – The largest guitar factory in the world
  6. Tanglewood - affordable starter guitars to British design


The best-known brands may not always be the best. Some brands may not appeal to you. Others do. That's why we regularly check at Music all in what the Best western guitar brands are. Sometimes a good brand comes along. Like Norman Guitars from Canada. And sometimes a brand disappears. Of all brands in our range, we can supply any model. Are you missing one? Give us a call and we'll get it for you soon.


western guitar

Which western guitar you want to buy

Which western guitar is suitable for you depends on a number of different factors. First of all, your experience. Are you going to start playing guitar or are you a seasoned guitarist? Other factors include sound, playability and appearance. The bodyshape, the build quality, the materials used and the finish are important for this. And these Of course determine the price for the most part. Let's take a closer look at these factors:


From acoustic starter set to fully massive western guitar

You gonna start playing the guitar? Then an acoustic western guitar is a good choice. Westerns are extremely versatile instruments. You can play your first chords relatively quickly. A starter guitar doesn't have to be expensive at all. Take a look at the special starter sets that we have put together for you. In addition to a good guitar, you will also find a carrying bag, tripod, capo and tuner. Totally complete.

Have you been playing guitar for a while and have you had experience? Then the mid-range guitars will give you the most pleasure. And in this class the offer is the largest. Base your choice on your preferences. Which one do you like? What's playing nice? Which bodyshape feels most comfortable? There is a lot of choice and the prices range from 300 to 1200 euros. The brand, the finish, the material, the construction and options determine the price. What you think is the most beautiful guitar is very personal. Come try them and choose your perfect guitar.

Are you looking for a Top Model? Then, of course, you want the best. Then look at the top line of Martin, Norman or Godin Guitars. Among other well-known brands, we always have a nice collection of absolute toppers in our assortment. With perfect sound and playing characteristics and exclusive materials and Woods.


What shapes and sizes are there?

Guitars are made in different sizes. But 9 of the 10 western guitars on the market is a full size model. The standard size. There are western guitars available in smaller sizes. Like ¾ or ½ sizes. These sizes are often bought as”travel guitar". Also, these sizes are often suitable for young children. However, with classical guitars there is more choice in sizes and price ranges for young children. Most kids start with a classical guitar.

Much more important than the size is the bodyshape. Or The Shape of the sound box. Western guitars are made in many forms. All with their own sound characteristics, playing characteristics and purpose. It's not like one bodyshape is better than another. They just all serve their own purpose. These are the most common bodyshapes:


different bodyshapes western guitar
Dreadnought: The most common sound box of all. Large sound box, lots of sound, rich bass tones
Jumbo: Biggest sound box of them all. Maximum sound, maximum bass tones. Very large model and not as comfortable for everyone.
Grand Auditorium: Big sound box. Modern blend of maximum tone and comfort Rich bass and clear mid.
000 model / Orchestra: Handy model. Slightly smaller and narrower sound box. You yield something on bass tones, but gain a lot in comfort.
00 model / Concert: Small sound box. Lots of convenience and comfort. Popular with people who don't want a big guitar.
0 model / Parlor: Smallest size sound box. Has its own characteristic sound. Often chosen as second guitar because of the rouwe own sound. Small guitar and easy to play.


It is important that one shape is not better than the other. They're just different. All forms sound different and have their own pros and cons. Not only in terms of sound, but also in terms of comfort, what is the ideal guitar for you, is taste and so you decide for yourself.


Semi acoustic western guitar

A common feature on many western guitars is a pre-amp. This is a property with which the guitar can be amplified. This allows you to connect the guitar to a amplification and do gigs, for example. Western guitars that can also be amplified we also call semi-acoustic guitars.

These pre-amps are built into the guitar and in addition to the possibility to amplify the guitar also often include a tuner. Super handy, of course.


Laminated, solid top or fully solid acoustic guitar

The way the guitar is built and the chosen materials determine the sound and what the western looks like. There are 3 types of way of building and how the wood is used.

Solid guitars

These guitars are made entirely of sound wood. Beautiful woods are used. These determine the sound of your guitar. Completely solid, also called full solid, are the most expensive guitars but provide the very best sound and maximum experience. They cost more because the wood is a lot more expensive than laminated wood and is more difficult to process. But thanks to the beautiful finish, sound and experience, it remains the favorite option among lovers.

Guitars with solid top

The ideal combination between massive guitars and laminated models. These guitars have a solid top, but the side-back is laminated. The top is the most important for the sound of the guitar. Because it is massive the sound is much fuller and warmer than with a laminated guitar. Because the sides and back sides are laminated, the costs are reduced and these models are a lot more affordable than completely solid guitars. Guitars with solid top many chosen by guitarists who have outgrown their starter model or a better starter guitar want in terms of sound and finish.

Laminated guitars

Guitars with a laminated construction. The most economical option that doesn't have to sound wrong. These models are very popular and with beginners. They're affordable and playable. What you often see, is that when the guitar has conquered your heart, you soon want to go to a bear model. A guitar with a nicer sound and yet that higher price tag. Does it fit your budget? Start with a guitar with a solid top.


mahogany western guitar

What are good Woods for a western guitar

There are many types of wood that are used for acoustic western guitars. Many with a tropical name, where most of us have never heard. Each with their own unique sound characteristics. But there are also some types of wood that are common with acoustic guitars. We mention the most important:

Spruce (spruce))

Spruce is a light wood. This type of wood can be found in North America and Canada and is widely used for the top of the guitar. The holy grail among spruce is the Sitka Spruce from Alaska and is used in the more exclusive and professional models.

Mahogany (mahogany))

Mahogany wood and dark wood and klink is also slightly darker than for example sparrenwood. It ' s a wood species that can come from Asia, America, or Africa. Fully solid mahogany guitars are usually made of wood from America. More affordable models are usually made with mahogany from the Philippines or other Asian regions.

Rosewood (palissander)

For years Rosewood has been the most popular wood-type for the side and backsides of western guitars. A classic and common combination is a Spruce Top and Rosewood side-and back. Rosewood has been better protected and more difficult for guitar builders for several years to come. As a result, you can see it increasingly more expensive models and a little less on cheap guitars.

Ebony (ebben)

Ebony is the most popular type of wood for various parts of the guitar. It is the most common position on the control and the bridge. Ebben is characterized by the tight sound and expressive high tones. It 's an expensive wood type that' s harder to edit. You'll find this type of wood on high end guitars. A much-used new alternative is richlite. A plastic with the same sound properties as ebben, but much more stable.


Convenient and indispensable accessories

In addition to a guitar there are unelatable convenient fun and indispensable guitar accessories for your western guitar. Some accessories are almost indispensable. Think, for example, of a tuner. A super handy device to tune your guitar with. A Standard, so that your guitar can be neatly stored after playing. Or a Carrying case If you want to take the western guitar somewhere.

In addition to indispensable accessories, there are also things that make playing more fun or easy. Think of plectra, a capodaster, a slide or a cool carrying strap. At Music All In you will find all accessories on the website. Of course, you can also buy them in our music shop in Noordwijk. Guitar accessories are always super fun as a gift for every guitarist.


Your western guitar at Music All In

So you see, for everyone the choice of a guitar is very personal. So many people, so much choice! If you already know what your ideal guitar is, you can of course order it directly and retably online. Or can we still help you with your choices? Of course, that's what I like to do.

Our specialists will help you with advice and service to choose your perfect guitar. You are always welcome in our guitar shop in Noordwijk. And we are happy to help you!

This is what a western guitar sounds like

The sound of the western guitar is instantly recognizable by the warm and clear sound created by the steel strings. Curious what a western guitar sounds like? Jan and Albert from Music All In will let you hear it in the video below.