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Pearl Export Exx705NBR / C704 Black Cherry Glitter Drum set

We have to order this product. Leave your email address here or call 071 - 36 156 98 for the current delivery time.

Designed to let you play as well as possible!

Export's blended shells have a classic sound thanks to the combination of poplar wood with inner layers of asian mahogany. In this way they give a strong volume, deep resonance and persistent bass frequencies. The export shells are 6 layers of 7.5 mm mahogany / poplar blended shells. The Tomrack has Pearl's new Opti-locto mounting system, with a triangular design and two attachment points for the Tension Rod for maximum support. Rubber insulators on all connection points ensure that the drums can vibrate freely but without fatigue. For example, the resonance is strengthened without this at the expense of stability. The new lugs are specially designed for export drum kit for an improved sound. With a minimum shell interaction, a small footprint and a low mass, they ensure maximum resonance and support.

Including everything you need to start

It is also important for a starting drummer to start a good set of cymbals. For that reason, Sabian SBR cymbals are the perfect choice, with a great look and sound. SBR cymbals deliver a tightly focused sound from Pure Brass. The cymbal set consists of a 14 "hi-hat, 16" crash and a 20 "ride cymbal.

  • Bass Drum: 20 x 16 "
  • Tom: 10 x 7 "
  • Tom: 12 x 8 "
  • Floor Tom: 14 x 14 "
  • Snare Drum: 14 x 5.5 "
  • 2 x Tom Holder TH701
  • HWP830 Hardware Pack
  • Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack


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