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MXR M294 Sugar Drive

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The MXR Sugar Drive offers a diverse range of clear transparent overdrive tones, from some extra boost to inflated distortion. Based on a rare overdrive pedal that has gained a reputation among avid tone-seekers thanks to its unique circuit design. The main elements of that circuit are the Drive controller and the charge pump. The Drive controls not only increases the intensity of the overdrive pedal, but it blends the overdrive effect with the clean tone, mimicring the smooth transition of an amplifier that goes from clean to dirty. The Charge Pump enlarges the general headroom. Of course, this pedal has true bypass, but vintage guitarists who would miss the original buffering byass can also turn it on with the buffer switch. The simple, versatile design with three buttons on an MXR mini-construction makes this an overdrive pedal that adds a lot to everyone's pedalboard, without taking up much space.

  • Boost/overdrive pedal
  • Based on a rare pedal
  • Focused lows/mid, smooth highs
  • Charge pump for head room control
  • Choice between true or bufferd bypass
  • Mixes the clean signal with the overdrive signal for amplifier-like feel and sound
  • 9-volt power supply