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Fender American Professional II Stratocaster Black MN

1 in stock


American Pro II Stratocaster Black with a maple neck

The Stratocaster has been an iconic model for many years. The list of Strat guitarists is too long to list. What more could you do to improve that? Apparently enough: the latest version of the Strat is the American Professional II series. It contains 60-year inspiration, experience and innovation. With all kinds of clever additions and perfecting finishes, the street continues to meet the wishes and demands of the modern guitarist. So that list of Strat guitarists will only become longer.


AM PRO 2 -Iconic & innovative

The body of the American Pro II is of course Alder, like most Strats. This provides the light weight. It also gives that characteristic clear sound. The neck is Maple (esthorn) and has a new "Deep C" shape, specially designed for an extremely comfortable feeling.

Furthermore, the American Professional II Stratocaster has a number of innovations that we need to name. Like the pick ups. These are the new V-Mod II Stratocaster single-coil pickups. These are each specifically labeled for their own position. This way they give a beautiful force with enough warmth. Say that "real" Strat sound every guitarist is looking for. An improved two-point tremolo increases the sustain and high-end brightness by using a cold-rolled steel block.


Reliable and versatile

The American Pro II Stratocaster Black MN feels immediately trusted. It immediately offers an audible versatility. If you're looking for that famous sound with modern techniques and playability then the American Professional II is a series you can't miss. Fortunately, we have two hangers in our store in Noordwijk. With both a black as one3-Color Sunburst Performance is there for everyone what they want.


Specifications of the American Professional II Stratocaster Black MN

  • Three V-Mod II Stratocaster pickups with one coil
  • Valued 2-point tremolo with cold-rolled steel block
  • Deep "C" shaped necrophiliac with rolled test edges
  • Leg tops
  • 22 narrow high ferret for easy gangs
  • Treble bleed circuit maintains high display when reducing volume
  • Finish: black
  • Including luxury pre-moulded suitcase