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Brand: Boss
SKU: 60001

Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb

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Boss is once again taking his time and is now releasing a new version of the existing Digital Reveb, the RV-6! This RV-6 is all of this time, as spacious as it can be and offers just that extra atmosphere in your guitar sound. It's filled with that latest Boss technology, but the brand has also brought in some golden oldies. No less than 8 different reverb variations are possible, which you can of course fine tune each. Let yourself be blown away and immersed in the spaciousness of the Boss RV-6. I'm just so used to it.

The RV-6 has no less than 8 different reverbs on board, including Shimmer, Dynamic and Delay+Reverb modes, which give you an overwhelming sound that modern guitarists are looking for. The redeveloped Boss DSP and latest algorithms offer the RV-6 a basic sound with more body and depth in the standard verbs, such as hall, room and plate. Modulate you still have that delicious swivel space sound and of course the Spring reverb still sounds as awesome as it already was. In the new Dynamic mode, the effect depth is adjusted to your game and you get a spatial reverberation if you want it, without it becoming muddy. contemporary guitarists will find the new Shimmer and Reverb+Delay modes really cool.

The RV-6 is super easy to operate and is actually suitable for any guitarist. Only four dials and a footswitch provide a good overview. The right dial lets you choose from the different reverbs, while the other 3 buttons allow you to adjust the time, tone and E. level. However, the device is smart enough to automatically adjust many parameters to get the ideal sound with each setting.

Of course, the reverb effects are of high-quality digital quality. Still, your guitar sound remains purely analog, even when the effect is applied. In addition to being mono, this RV-6 can also be used to give you the extra width you want. The easy entry and outputs allow you to switch it off your pedalboard between other pedals. You can use it mono, mono to stereo or stereo to stereo. when only using the B input, the Boss RV-6 emits a 100% effect sound. Useful for example with parallel signal chains and use in mixers. of course, you can easily connect your expression pedal to it, so you can adjust the live effect level very easily.

  • Reverb variations:
    • Echo
    • Spring
    • Plate
    • Hall
    • Cream
    • Delay
    • Shimmer
    • Dynamic
  • Great reverb pedal with modern sounds and a wide sound
  • Refined reverb sounds of the highest quality, quick and easy to set up
  • New studio-quality algorithms based on state-of-the-art BOSS technology
  • Eight modes for a diverse range of ready-to-use reverb effects
  • Reverb level is adjustable through an optional external expression pedal
  • Works in both mono and stereo
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