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Gratis verzending vanaf € 49,95

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What is warranty?

If your product does not work or works incompletely under normal use, you are entitled to a warranty. This means that we provide a replacement product or repair your product free of charge.

If you have problems with an item, please contact our customer service or come to our store so that we can solve it for you immediately. Music All In has loaner instruments, so you don't have to miss any gigs or rehearsals.

+31 (0) 71 36 156 98


Warranty exceptions

The following products are excluded from warranty:

  • Drum & percussion sticks
  • Strings
  • Wicker
  • Cables
  • Guitar picks

The above products have a much shorter lifespan than 5 years with intensive use. In addition, you should replace it regularly for optimal use and sound of your instrument.

Do you have the idea that one of the above products still contains technical errors so that the lifespan is much too short, even with normal use? Then contact our customer service or come to our store.


What is my warranty card?

The warranty certificate is the invoice you receive after you have placed an order, or your purchase receipt which you receive in our store. All online orders and most purchases in our store are registered by name, so that we can easily help you without a receipt.

Have you lost your purchase receipt or invoice? Please contact us and have one of the following details available:

  • name and address details
  • date of purchase
  • purchased product


My warranty has expired. Can I contact you?

Hell yes. We employ repairers for almost all instruments. This allows us to resolve most complaints and defects quickly and in-house for you.


What are the repair costs outside the warranty period?

Unfortunately, we usually cannot say this in advance. It just depends on what kind of instrument it is and what is defective. In many cases our customer service team can help you by phone or email, but sometimes it is necessary for our repairers to make a cost estimate first after they have examined the instrument and the complaint. You can visit our store for this without an appointment.


I have not bought the product from you? Can I contact you?

This is no problem. We would love to see you in our store and help you. Thanks to our own repair departments, we can quickly resolve most complaints and defects for you. You can also use a loaner instrument free of charge. However, we cannot offer a guarantee if it concerns products that have not been purchased from us.

In most cases you will therefore have to pay for your repair.