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Tama S.L.P. Fat Spruce 20 "3-piece shell set

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The Fat Spruce set has a luxurious housing made of 100% firewood, a little used material for a complete drum set. Its unique sound is thick and resonant with a solid midrange and a natural, pure tone. In addition, due to the zinc hoops, a very bright, focused attack and a nicely resonant highrange. Casting has been chosen for the production process of the hoops, which gives them a higher density and better consistency than deflected hoops. This makes the tuning more consistent and easier to control because the tension bolts are in perfect contact with the hoop. The Direct Flexi-Mount uses a two-piece construction, which together provide some horizontal leeway when playing. This does not limit the vibrations of the shell and allows it to resonate more freely than with normal mounts attached directly to the tom. All of this supports sustain and decay for a smooth, transparent sound that brings out the material's intrinsic characteristics. This drum kit has a wide tuning range, making it suitable for a variety of musical genres. Tuned high the drums sound great for jazz, but the drums are equally at home with R&B at low to medium tension. Blues, Indie Rock or Ballads.

  • 100% pine boilers
  • Die-Cast Zinc Hoops
  • New Direct-Flexi Mount suspension system
  • Evans G1 Coated Head
  • Without hardware & snare

Drumspecialisten bij Music All In