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Roland TB-3 Touch Bassline Bas-synthesizer Aira

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1981, the year in which Roland launched her legendary TB-303, which is described by the connoisseurs as the beginning of dance music. This bass-synthesizer is no longer way to think from the electronic music world. Meanwhile, the TB-303 is fully reproduced with many recognizable, original features in a contemporary jacket.

Through the Analog Circuit Behavior technology, Roland has completely reproduced the sawtooth and block wave oscillators as well as the -18dB/octaafladder low-pass filter of the original TB-303, with that undeniable cutoff and resonance character. Sparkling synthbasing, hard distortion bases, trippy delaysounds and drippy effects, you have them all at your disposal and 130 sounds more!

A clear renewal to the TB-3 is the Touch Pad. Brightly lit, green and/or red touch pads make it possible to create seamless patterns. Filters, pitch, volume but also modulations are to be transmitted by means of a push on the path.

The evolved Step Sequencer of the TB-3 is super-easy to use, and you can seamlessly switch between creating and playing patterns. Of course, an attractive aspect of the original TB-303 was that he sometimes generated unintended sounds while the user performed complex and cryptic acts to create patterns. To make that element of chance and discovery play into play, the TB-3 can automatically generate patterns and change patterns randomly.

A new performance feature called Scatter gives you detailed real-time control over variations in your patterns, and incoming signals from external sources. Reverse, glitch, gate, truncate, stutter and all sorts of other rhythmic variations will leave you creativity on the free pass. Switch seamlessly between Scatter patterns and switch Scatter quickly in and out for cool rhythmic variations, where and whenever you want.

  • To be used for EDM production
  • Number of presets: 134
  • Many different sounds; leads, basins, sound effects etc.
  • Sequencer: 64 patterns, max 32 steps per pattern
  • Scatter presets: 8
  • Operation: touchpad, cutoff, resonance, accent, effect
  • Display: 7-segments, 3 characters (LED)
  • Includes adapter (USB power also possible)-Dimensions: 240 x 173 x 57 mm
  • Headphone 6.3 mm jack
  • Output L/MONO, R, 6.3 mm jack-MIDI i/o
  • USB type B