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Brand: Roland
SKU: 2575

Roland LX708-CH Matte Black digital piano

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As the top model in Roland's LX700 series, the LX708 brings you all the fun of playing a traditional grand piano in a great live space. This luxurious instrument makes a bold statement in your home. It stands out in the LX range with its tall, imposing cabinet and a lid that opens for optimal sound projection. The flagship LX708 features the most impressive Acoustic Projection System in the range, featuring a 4-way set-up with eight speakers, driven by a powerful amplifier. The eight speakers are divided into four pairs, with each pair optimized for superior sound reproduction across the entire dynamic range of the piano - even down to the sound of the hammers hitting the strings, and the resonance of the cabinet when the sound is heard. echoes through the body of the piano.

The LX708's Hybrid Grand keyboard has longer keys compared to most digital pianos. Because the keys are longer, the pivot point of each key is also further back. This way you don't have to press harder when you touch the key higher. The white keys combine slender wooden sides with a durable inner frame for maintenance-free reliability. And as you play, you will feel the ideal balance of pressure, momentum and return, along with smooth vertical movement. The premium LX708 even reproduces the physical vibrations that resonate through a grand piano keyboard, while the addition of pedals - enabling a variety of advanced techniques - ensures an authentic and exciting piano experience.

Roland's PureAcoustic Piano Modeling and Pure Acoustic Ambience technology are available on all three instruments, along with the European and American piano models and additional sounds including electric pianos, organs and orchestral sounds. You also have access to useful functions such asBluetoothaudio, Twin Piano mode, a metronome, and the option to use headphones for private play. Along with the unique C-shaped diaphragm on the front panel, which allows for natural sound projection.

PureAcoustic piano sound generator

  • Max. polyphony: Endless (piano), 256 (other)
  • 324 Sounds
  • PureAcoustic Ambience: 6 Types + 11 depths
  • Keyboard: Hybrid Grand keyboard, wood / plasctic
  • Responsive Damper Action Pedals
  • Speaker system: Acoustic projection, 2 x 25W / 4 x 6W / 2 x 5W
  • 13 Piano designer effects
  • Bluetooth: Audio Ver 3.0, MIDI Ver 4.0
  • USB: B for computer connection, A for memory storage
  • adimensions: 1395 x 491 x 1180 mm
  • Weight: 110.5 kg
AKG K701 Headphone €145,00
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Je zou graag een instrument leren spelen, maar het kost zo veel tijd en moeite voordat je er echt wat mee kan. Zijn er dan geen instrumenten die wat makkelijker zijn om te leren spelen? Zeker wel! Er zijn heel wat instrumenten waarop je in relatief korte tijd al hele leuke muziek kunt maken! en hoe gaaf is dat!