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pTrumpet platic trumpet green

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The pTrumpet is the world's first trumpet made entirely of plastic. It is a good Bb study trumpet designed by musicians for musicians.

The pTrumpet is certainly not a toy, but a real, good quality instrument. The music industry has completely changed its thinking with this pTrumpet. The pTrumpet follows in the footsteps of its big sister the pBone (the best-selling trombone)

The pTrumpet is the only trumpet that has a full plastic valve system. The valve system has been designed and developed to provide incredible lightness, durability and sound quality. The trumpet's leadpipe technology provides a very lively and focused sound. pTrumpet has a patent on this leadpipe. Thanks to the precision plastic technology, this trumpet can also take a beating.

Because the trumpet is completely made of plastic, it weighs a lot less than a copper trumpet. This makes the pTrumpet even more suitable for young trumpet players and trumpeters who have difficulty with the weight and balance of a brass trumpet. Everyone can enjoy this beautiful trumpet thanks to this great price. The pTrumpet is used by both professional and novice trumpet players.

The makers of the pTrumpet have designed a special mouthpiece that consists entirely of plastic. All pTrumpets get a 3c and a 5c pTrumpet mouthpiece. It is also possible to use a standard mouthpiece. The plastic mouthpiece is for the pTrumpet only.

The fully plastic head, first and third tuning pumps give you the tuning flexibility you expect from a trumpet.

The pTrumpet has been carefully designed to provide hands of all shapes and sizes with a comfortable and effective grip. This ensures good posture and the correct position for your hands. Because the trumpet is so light, your arms get tired less quickly, so you can make music even longer.

All plastic parts of the trumpet are very sturdy and durable. This is due to the patented leadpipe technology and one-piece cup designs that are particularly sturdy. The pTrumpet is suitable for taking trumpet lessons, performing or as a first instrument. And if you drop it accidentally or hit something, the trumpet won't dent.

Beginners can learn to play the trumpet properly without using it incorrectly. The trumpet is light, funky and affordable, but most importantly, you can enjoy it a lot.

You can enjoy the pTrumpet everywhere because it can be taken anywhere. The pTrumpet is also a great alternative to take to places where you would rather not take your expensive trumpet.

The pTrumpet comes with a gig bag and a 3c and 5c mouthpiece

  • Plastic trumpet
  • Color: green
  • Bb
  • Full plastic valve system
  • Bore: 11.68mm
  • Cup: 124mm
  • One piece lead pipe
  • Adjustable tuning pumps
  • Sturdy design
  • Suitable for all types of trumpet players
  • Easy to take with you
  • Weight: 500g