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Ibanez MSM100-FGB Ibanez Prestige

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AZ Oval C S-TECH wood roasted maple neck

S-TECH special roasted treatment increases the stability, durability, water resistance and tolerance of temperature changes of the wood. The neck is sealed with an oil workmanship that makes it look like a well-played guitar neck.

S-TECH special roasted treatment ensures a superior attack and a balanced tone and a rich sustain. To achieve the highest comfort in the neck, the test rim is finished with a liquid curve.


Super All Access neckjoint

The Super All Access Neck Joint offers superior playability with its 8 mm concave curve from the top of the body to the spherical surface of the joint area. By maximising the joint area between the body and the neck, the sustain and resonance are also increased.


Air Norton D and The Tone Zone pickups


Air Norton D and The Tone Zone pickups perfectly complement each other and create a wide range of tonal options, adding power and improving the sustain, but retaining clarity.


Goto T1802

The T1802 tremolo bridge is equipped with machined titanium saddles and a forged steel tremolo block for quick response, thick low and rich high tones.

The 10,5 mm string distance makes it easy to pick over strings. The click structure makes it easy to load a tremolo arm.

Oil-impregnated top comb/ stainless steel ferrets


The oil-impregnated top comb provides superior voice stability and a warm, rich resonance. Rust-free ferrets have excellent corrosion resistance. The wide and high ferret type offers a quick response, good articulation when playing chords and a clear tone when playing loose notes.


Goto Magnum Lock mechanics with H.A.P. (height adjustable pole)


The AZ is supplied with GOTOH MAGNUM LOCK voting mechanisms, which have an established reputation in the field of coordination stability. His H.A. P (height adjustable pole). system allows the adjustment of string poles for the correct tension of each string.


Luminlay side dot inlay

The Luminlay sidebar markings make it easy for players to see position markings on the key when playing on dark stages.


Including suitcase