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FGN J-Standard Iliad 2 off white blonde electric guitar

1 in stock


A new standard for intonation

The Iliad series is a new view of a traditional model. With its off white color it still has the appearance of the first telecasters. But FGN's innovations cannot be seen at first sight. FGN Guitars has designed their own frets. Their unique circle fretting system means that all frets are slightly bent. For example, every string crosses all the frets at an angle of 90 degrees. It seems a small adjustment, but it ensures that the scale length of every guitar is exactly the same. In this way the intonation is improved and the strings get minimal contact with the ferret so that your strings last longer.


The Classic Tele Sound

About the design of the FGN has long been considered, but you don't have to be afraid that the tone has forgotten. The hardware all helps to create that twang as the original telecasters had. The Seymour Duncan STR-1 & STL-1 single coil pickups give a fantastic sound that will sound familiar with everyone. Thanks to the 4-way switch you get even more tonal options than the usual with an SS configuration. The bridge with brass saddles and the Gotoh tuners look vintage, but especially keep the guitar well voted.


A fantastic game feel

The c.f.s. Fits perfectly with the compound radius. The key has a smaller (rounder) radius to the top comb and a larger (flatter) radius to the body, i.e. similar to the shape of a cone. This makes playing chords at lower frets much easier and it gives less resistance when bending strings on higher registers. The frets are clamped by default on the sides. As a result, your hands glide smoothly over the neck. The contours of the rear lies the guitar comfortable to wear or sit down.

All this sounds good, but the essential difference with standard telephotos really reflects you when you try the Iliad once. Come to our store in Noorwijk and experience the difference.

Specifications of the FGN J-Standard Iliad 2

  • Body: ES
  • Neck: maple
  • Key: maple
  • Suspended neck, 250 ~ 350mm
  • Scale length: 648mm
  • 22 Medium Frets, c.f.s.
  • Pick-ups: Seymour Duncan® STR-1 / STL-1
  • 4-position switch
  • Tuning mechanics: Gotoh® SD91-05M
  • Bridge: FGN T-like plate with brass saddles
  • Off White Blonde finish
  • Incl. gigbag