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FGN Boundary Iliad 2 HS Black Electric Guitar

1 in stock


The innovations of FGN

The Iliad series is designed to breathe new life into a traditional model. With the classic sound and appearance in mind, various modern improvements have been added. One of these improvements is the Circle Fretting system. By bending the frets light, all strings get the same scale length. This improves the pitch and articulation compared to conventional guitars and basses. Each string has minimal contact with the frets and crosses all the frets at an angle of 90 degrees.


An extending radius

The other improvement is the finger test. This runs from a smaller (rounde) radius from the top comb to a larger (flatter) radius towards the body. A kind of conical shape. This is better for different playing styles. Chords at lower frets are much easier to play and sound super resonant. For solos at higher registers, you feel less resistance, making bending strings more flexible.


A versatile noise

In addition to these innovations, FGN is not afraid to let good things good. Their ownly designed single-coil in the bridge position gives a classic twang. The Humbucker in the neck position gives a nice full of sound and can be switched to a single-coil via the coil-tap at the tone controller. Experience this sound yourself in our store in Noordwijk. Compare it with other Telecaster models and feel the essential difference.


Specifications of the FGN Boundary Iliad 2

  • Body: Linde with checked back
  • Key: maple
  • Suspended neck, 250 ~ 350mm
  • Bolt-on neck, U-profile
  • Scale length: 648mm
  • 22 Medium frets with c.f.s. J-Standard FRET Edge Treatment
  • Pickups: FGN HS
  • 3-position switch
  • Split: Push / Pull
  • Tuning mechanics: Gotoh® SD91-05M
  • Black finish