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Cort Gold P8 Parlor Naturel Acoustic Guitar

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Here's what you need to know:

The design of the Cort Gold P8 Parlor is entirely inspired by the classic instruments of the 1930s, in terms of appearance and sound. It produces a strong low-end with a surprisingly loud volume for a compact guitar. Through a special 'Aged To Vintage' process, the sitka spruce top is treated to give the open tone of now rare, old guitars. The pau ferrou side and back is stable, hard-wearing and hard, allowing this instrument to last a long time. The DoubleLock neck connection maximizes tone transfer and improves resonance. The neck of is reinforced with the help of two special inserts. Two pieces of walnut wood create additional stability while preserving the natural properties of wood. The ebony finger key and bridge contribute to the vintage look keeping the basic acoustic sound focused and tight with a larger sonic projection, improving the transfer of string vibrations over the top of the soundboard, body and neck. This sonic palette is finished by the bone saddles and the nut, two important contact points for the strings, which makes them vibrate freely and that guitar keeps well tuned.




Brief information:

- Body: Deep parlor

- Top comb width: 45mm

- Top: Torrefied solid sitka spruce

- Side and back: Solid pau ferro

- Neck: Strengthened mahogany

- Construction: Dubble-Lock neck joint, X-bracing

- Finger key: Ebony

- 19 Frets, until the 12th ferret open

- Scale length: 643 mm

- Bridge: Ebonie with ebonie pens